New Year, New Style

Created on my iPad mini, which I bought to carry wherever I go. The title comes from a recent favorite film, “Lola”, by Jacques Demy. Lola is played by Anouk Aimée, who sings “. . .c’est moi, c’est Lola . . .

Madison Chocolate Co.

Three-hour ipad /Procreate artwork “a la Matisse” indoor-outdoor composition. A little more work to do.

Procreate Quick Sketch

First warm spring day on terrace at UW Union South. Excruciating drawing someone who knows you’re probably drawing them. 25 minutes.

Procreate Painting

Collectivo coffee shop downtown Madison first warm spring day. About an hour. The classical architecture in the background is my homage to Kenneth Clark and his book “The Nude”. Smartest guy on the planet.

Red Umbrella

A quick painting on the patio at my local coffee shop on a rainy day. I’m working on putting down a few large shapes with as correct color as possible, then glazing over to “tune” the color for more accurate saturation and value. I made the shapes of the tree limbs with dark brown, then… Continue reading Red Umbrella

New iPad picture

Another 25-minute picture from P&C drawing session last Friday night. Procreate using aaaronorg’s brushes and post-processing techniques. I’m also looking at Charles Hawthorne’s “Hawthorne on Painting” about painting using color spots and Burt Silverman’s “Breaking the Rules of Watercolor” on how to do “heavy” watercolor paintings that are closer to oils than traditional watercolors.

New Ipad Painting

I’ve been going in two directions at once. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple weeks understanding aaronorg’s watercolor workflow with fair success. I’m also trying to understand his Procreate brush ideas and how to use and modify them. I’ve still got a lot to learn. In addition, I picked up my… Continue reading New Ipad Painting

First New Post in Years!

I guess I got sidetracked. I’ve been trying and trying to get my site reorganized since I made the foolish move of switching from to I built a complete site on .org, but had to dump it after a year when I got the [real] bill for a year’s hosting. I signed up… Continue reading First New Post in Years!