State St. $60. 8×10 inches, oil on panel. In the middle is the grand remnant of the old Capitol Theater that got incorporated into the new Overture Center arts complex on State St. On the left is the former Yost’s department store, now another part of the Overture Center. The long window on the right is part of another renovation across the street, rather heavy and Germanic, if you ask me. There seems to be a trend around the Capitol Square toward “big and heavy.” For one thing, all of the sidewalks and terraces around the Capitol itself are being beefed up to accomodate the ever-growing farmer’s market. Then there’s those wierd fountains, which must some kind of joke. There’re big, heavy, stone and I can’t see how they have any relation to Madison at all. They look like they were created for some part of Rome and then not used and we got them cheap.

Categorized as Painting

By kencrocker

Fine artist; graphic artist; draughtsman; digital artist

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