More on the Still Life

This week’s progress on the still life included (besides getting more light on the painting so I could take a better photo) throwing a shadow across the right side of the background so the background wouldn’t be so uniform, plus more work on the peach–although it still looks a lot like an orange to me.… Continue reading More on the Still Life

A Work in Progress

Here’s a painting I’m working on in still life class. I’ve worked on it for three sessions now. First I put in just the shadows, then added some color to the peach and added the background, and yesterday I added the highlight side of the vase and the darker part of the shadow running down… Continue reading A Work in Progress

An Apple and a Lemon

More still life practice, this time working out a basic composition of several objects. It’s fun to make these little set-ups and it only takes a couple hours to paint them.

An Orange and a Bowl

Two small paintings I did for practice contrasting warm shadows with cool highlights without losing the intensity of color in the highlights. Lesley has a whole stack of these small bowls in different colors, so I’m thinking of doing a series.

Life Drawing Continues

This is a 30-minute drawing, 18 x 24 inches, done in Bob Schultz’s class at MATC. I’m working on getting the figure down quickly, paying attention to large shapes and masses and getting away from fussing with detail. I’ve also been practicing this approach by copying drawings by George Bridgman, a well-known former instructor at… Continue reading Life Drawing Continues

We’re Number 3!

I have no idea how to get higher in the list of Google search results. I never have understood how to do it, although it’s something a graphic designer should know. But despite my electronic ignorance, my blog is now Number 3 when you google “Ken Crocker.” And the first two listings are probably paid… Continue reading We’re Number 3!

Apple Ipad

My thoughts on the newly-announced Apple Ipad. I’ve been watching the evolution of electronic publishing closely since I’m so involved in book publishing through my design work. First off, just let me say sure it’s awful that we’re moving away from traditional books to electronic substitutes. But it’s always been this way throughout the history… Continue reading Apple Ipad

A Pair of Pears

Here are the pears. The black and white pear from the first class and the color one from the second. The point is to get the value and color contrast right. The b/w version went pretty well, although I struggle with finding and painting the darkest part, the core, of the shadow. I know intellectually… Continue reading A Pair of Pears