The Still Life Is Done

Still LIfe

Here’s the completed painting. It’s 11×14 inches, oil on double-primed Belgian linen canvas. It looks great in its narrow gold frame on my dining room wall.

Finishing the picture ended my 10-week still life class at the Palette and Chisel. But  tomorrow I’ll start another 8-week session of the same class. Classes at the P&C are set up as on-going, with registration every 10 weeks or so. So every session there are beginners just starting out mixed in with advanced students who are continuing on. Students just keep going until they feel they want to move on. I’m hoping to work bigger with the next painting. Today I’ve got to stretch a bigger canvas, probably 16×20 inches, and come up with some props for a new set up.

By the way, my teacher Michael Van Zeyl has a show in the Cook County building in Chicago that will be up through the end of April. He has a lot of great paintings, both figures and still lifes.

By kencrocker

Fine artist; graphic artist; draughtsman; digital artist

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