Color Squares

I’ve been painting pages and pages of colored squares, like these three samples. Since I often have a hard time sitting down to “make art”, this is an easy way to get something painted in an hour or less. It also helps me to see colors “out there”. Last night I saw a yellow house at twilight with what I thought was a patch of green paint down the side. Actually it was only the shadow cast by a street sign blocking the very yellow glow of the streetlight, leaving the last of the blue daylight to make the yellow siding turn green in the shadow against the enhanced yellow made by the streetlight.

A lot of the squares are attempts at flesh tones, either in light or in shadow. This had really helped me see the different hues of skin of people on the street.

Sometimes I take by Edward Hopper, or most recently Wayne Thiebaud, and try to match the colors in the painting.


By kencrocker

Fine artist; graphic artist; draughtsman; digital artist

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