Ox Herding in Wisconsin

This is the latest book from Borderland Books, written by Richard Quinney. The design is a collaboration between Richard’s ideas and my implementation of those ideas in a book layout. The entire book, including the cover, was printed digitally at Worzalla Printing in Stevens Point. The book was published as a paperback because at the… Continue reading Ox Herding in Wisconsin

Another iPad Drawing

My version of the yellow house, drawn on my iPad while in Minneapolis to see “Rembrandt in America.” Van Gogh really admired Rembrandt.


It’s pear time in our backyard. They’re everywhere. I drew these two on my iPad, using Procreate, a new drawing app I really like.

Watercolor Figure

Painted yesterday in P&C open studio. I got some 300 lb watercolor paper so I could scrub out unwanted color (thanks Scott Burdick for your little Walter Foster book, very helpful).

New watercolor

This is a painting I did I one of the long open studios at the Palette and Chisel. After about a year of attending quick sketch studios at the P&C, I finally worked up my courage to try working in a long studio. There are some really good painters, and I wasn’t sure I know… Continue reading New watercolor

Color Squares

I’ve been painting pages and pages of colored squares, like these three samples. Since I often have a hard time sitting down to “make art”, this is an easy way to get something painted in an hour or less. It also helps me to see colors “out there”. Last night I saw a yellow house… Continue reading Color Squares

Best Drawing Books II

Best Drawing Books Part 2. “Human Anatomy and Figure Drawing,” by Jack N. Kramer is the best all-around digure drawing reference I own. It covers anatomy, perspective, and has great examples. It even has a sample syllabus for teaching an artistic anatomy course. My copy is falling apart, and unfortunately I think it’s out of… Continue reading Best Drawing Books II