Another tough night in open drawing studio

Last night was another one of those times when I just didn’t have it. Like a pitcher (I’m a big baseball fan) who just “didn’t have his stuff.” Of course, unlike the pitcher in front of thousands, I could have just walked out, but after taking a short break I made myself stick it out. It helps in doing this that I’m in Chicago with nothing else to do until 11 p.m. When my bus leaves. One of the things I did was go back to basics. That is, measure everything as I drew the model. How many heads high was he in the pose? Just how far down was halfway, and so on. This drawing is the result, and I think it’s pretty good, actually. One thing that makes it good is that the angularity if the lines shows his musculature. All my other drawings were too round, I think because we have far more female than male models. I think I also caught something of his fine facial features, but again with angles, so that despite the hair bun, it’s clear this is a man.
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By kencrocker

Fine artist; graphic artist; draughtsman; digital artist

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