Poster for Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

Just as I was fooling around with a new app for my iPad called Inkpad, Alliance for Animals asked me to do a poster for their participation in this year's Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale event.

So I got to trot out my rusty old vector drawing skills learned over many years of frustration with Adobe Illustrator. The nice thing about this kind of drawing is that each shape remains a separate object and you can change it's size, color, or position at any time. For example, the cherry is an object, the stem another object, and even the small white highlight on the cherry is an object. After I've drawn these three separate shapes, I can group them together, put them on their own separate layer, and then position them wherever I want without disturbing the rest of the picture. To draw all the circles in the background, I just drew a few of them, then copied them at random all over.

Hope to see you at the bake sale. If you don't live in Madison, look for one in your area. For example, for reference I used a beautiful poster I found on line for a past bake sale in Appleton, Wisconsin. So you never know where you'll find one.


By kencrocker

Fine artist; graphic artist; draughtsman; digital artist

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