Backs are tough

My last drawing today was this back study from a photo. Luckily there wasn't too much going on other than some suggestion of scapulas (scapulae?), the spine, the sacral triangle, and a couple hips. I've seen well-developed guy's backs that would drive you crazy with all the lights and darks. I'm using vine charcoal… Continue reading Backs are tough

Got My Charcoal Working

After much searching and experimentation, I've found a good working combination, using compressed charcoal on Strathmore #400 18 x 24 inch paper plus a really hard eraser. I've been forcing myself to get the whole figure down in one minute before refining. This drawing is 25 minutes, the longest I can handle without getting bogged… Continue reading Got My Charcoal Working

No Where to Hide

Four-hour charcoal drawing at the P&C, drawing with the “pros.” It's been a long time since I went to a Monday long pose open studio, and I was really intimidated to go back. But I “toughed it out” and came up with this drawing, which I like. Of course, the face and arm are over-worked,… Continue reading No Where to Hide

Down the Rabbit Hole

I wasn't having much of a day drawing at the Palette and Chisel, first in the morning and then in the evening yesterday. I was getting discouraged, so I thought I'd try something different—nothing to lose after all. Then I came up with this drawing using compressed instead of vine charcoal. I was trying to… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole

Charcoal in Chicago

    One day's half-hour poses at the Palette and Chisel, trying to do things á la Graves's Life Drawing in Charcoal. 12 x 18 or 18 x 24 inches using vine charcoal and a kneaded eraser for the highlights. I'm working on my edge control. Right now I'm doing too much line drawing and… Continue reading Charcoal in Chicago

Practice, practice, practice

This is a half-hour charcoal drawing from a photo on the Web site. My new large monitor makes it fun to draw at home. Although it's often-repeated that you shouldn't draw from photographs, I think it's helpful for practicing the basics such as proportion, layout, etc. and makes it easier to draw from a… Continue reading Practice, practice, practice