IPad Sketching in Chicago

Friday at the Palette and Chisel open studio I tried my first iPad sketches from the figure. This is the best of three attempts. The light lines are the first drawing, then I made a new layer and came back with a thicker line and started roughing in the shadows. Obviously, there's a lot of work to be done here. In my defense, I think I got the overall pose down with reasonable proportions. On the other hand, I don't have a clue how to proceed toward a more finished sketch, other than more practice.
I've been really hesitant about using my iPad in a group. For this session I put a big drawing board in front of me and tried to look like I was using a regular sketchbook like everybody else. Unfortunately, we started out in daylight, but as the half-hour pose wore on, it rapidly got dark. Since my “sketchbook” was the only one glowing at that point, it was tough to maintain my cover. Not that other artists would really care what I used short of an out-and-out camera, but I was glad no one said anything.


By kencrocker

Fine artist; graphic artist; draughtsman; digital artist

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