Charcoal from Photo

My first charcoal drawing from one of my own photos! I've been doing a lot of copying from Internet photos—a lot of nudes from the site for quick sketch practice, and some figures from Garry Winogrand photos. Copying the Winogrand photos gave me the idea that maybe I could use my own photos. I found it's not that hard to take people on the street photos, and after going through my photo library and clipping out figures I have a large collection to draw from.

This was a 1-hour drawing on a sheet of 24 x 36 inch newsprint. I like working this big. My next step is to get some better-quality charcoal paper and try another drawing, maybe spending more time on it.

The danger is that as I take more time, the drawings get stiffer. I like this drawing because I haven't lost the gesture.


By kencrocker

Fine artist; graphic artist; draughtsman; digital artist

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