Half Hour iPad Quick Sketch

In Procreate with “post-production” glazing for texture, from an on-line Croquis Cafe video. It's really hard to draw decent curves, among other things. The model has a real Picasso-esque face.   Posted with Blogsy

iPad Quicksketch

I'm stubbornly continuing to use my ipad for quick sketch sessions with a model. Mainly because it keeps me focused on gesture and doesn't let me start finished some small part of the drawing before getting the whole thing down–something I'm way too likely to do. Most of my time on this sketch was spent… Continue reading iPad Quicksketch

Ipad Gesture Drawing

All of these drawings are done on my Ipad using Procreate. The first two drawings are five-minute quick sketches. The third one is a 25-minute heightened drawing. Using an Ipad forces me to not draw “cute.” That is, it forces me to concentrate on the gesture of a pose and avoid getting caught up in… Continue reading Ipad Gesture Drawing

The Plan

Here’s a plan for the typical three-hour quick sketch session: First half-hour—One- and three-minute poses. Follow the example of Michael Hampton’s Figure Drawing: Design and Invention, p. 38, and focus on the placement of landmarks.     Second half-hour—Five-minute poses. Start with the same landmarks, but add more volume and contour.        … Continue reading The Plan