Constructive Figure Drawing

This 25-minute drawing was done with the specific intent of practicing figure construction. Since I love quick-sketching the figure, I look for any way to improve my technique (I'd also like to better understand why an artist draws the figure, but that's a whole other topic). One significant way to improve I've found, is to,… Continue reading Constructive Figure Drawing

Practice, practice, practice

This is a half-hour charcoal drawing from a photo on the Web site. My new large monitor makes it fun to draw at home. Although it's often-repeated that you shouldn't draw from photographs, I think it's helpful for practicing the basics such as proportion, layout, etc. and makes it easier to draw from a… Continue reading Practice, practice, practice

Color Studies

After doing color studies to make one color look like two based on value, then on hue, then saturation, and finally all three, I came to the final exercise in this section of David Hornung's book, “Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers” (see previous posts). In this exercise, he asks you to make two… Continue reading Color Studies